Welcome to The Third Arrow. The Third Arrow is an independent business initiative to meet global footprint challenges. Interpretations by think tanks such as the Global Footprint Network show that all 7.5 Billion people on the planet had the same global footprint for water, energy, food, carbon, and waste management habits as North Americans, we would need four or five planets for everyone to have enough resources? While some international development organizations can help families in other countries double their prosperity and improve quality of life, what if we could also decrease the North American footprint by half without sacrificing public health or quality of life?

Water footprints, carbon footprints and energy footprint assessments of individuals, families and businesses are just the start. Once you know your footprint, with our help, we coordinate actions and support to help reduce your water, carbon, energy and global footprint. Reduce waste from mail. Accelerate utilization of carbon credit opportunities. Learn what your home chemical footprint is and where you can control the input and waste. Use the tools and support within your neighborhood and community to the fullest to reduce waste, reuse and recycle more reliably and to recharge your inspiration for thinking globally and acting globally.